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About US

Welcome to BaeBays. 

BaeBays LLC is a membership Internet Retail Center: An online shopping club combining two robust business modules of internet retail and affiliate reward system: to create unparalleled , ever flowing, passive THREE INCOME STREAMS for its shoppers membership community worldwide. Standing out as an oasis for its shoppers with financial stimulus cushioning incomes in the face of the global economic depression.

The BaeBays Shopping Club 

BaeBays Shopping Club membership basic plan begins with just a $10 registration fee plus a compulsory item purchase. And monthly membership renewal fee of $5 only plus a compulsory item purchase. And a non-stop, robust earnings from all of the 3 streams of incomes.  Because we understand that sometimes one may not be needing a major shopping at the time of registration, or at the time of monthly renewals, we have no limits to the size or price of item to be purchased for both events. Items from as low as $1 up are eligible for registration or renewal.