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New Foldable Mosquito Killer Lamp 4 in 1 Adjustable Electric Mosquito Swatter USB Rechargeable Summer Flies Insect Zapper Trap

by Baebays
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Working Voltage: 3000V

With Batteries: Yes

Rotation angle: 0-180 degrees

Rated Voltage: 110-240V

Product size: 27*23.5*5cm in fold

Product Feature: USB Charging

Power Source: Electrical

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 2023 Foldable Mosquito Killer Lamp 4 in 1 Adjustable

Mesh material: Aluminum mesh

Mesh Style: 3-Layer

Material: ABS

Light source type: UV lamp tube

Endurance: 1-3hours

Color: White Green

Charging interface: USB Type-C

Charging Time: 2-4 Hours

Brand Name: BOUSSAC

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Applicable area: 21 ㎡ -30 ㎡ (included)

 About this item

  • 【4 in 1 Foldable Electric Fly Swatter】Folding bug zapper racket provides 4 ways to eliminate mosquitoes, allowing you to free your hands to destroy mosquitoes. The folding electric mosquito zapper has a folding handle, you only need to fold or hang fly swatter racket on the wall when you sleep at night, just turn on the automatic mosquito control mode, and fold the electric mosquito killer to trap and eliminate mosquitoes for you.
  • 【Purple Light Attracts Mosquitoes】Folded fly swatter racket purple light mosquito capture using 368 wavelength LED lamp beads, imitating ecological UV light to attract mosquitoes, children and pregnant mothers can use. 360°circumferential luminous combined with 3000V power grid, efficient mosquito control makes it nowhere to hide.
  • 【3000V High Security Grid】The front and rear layers of the folding electric fly swatter racket mosquito zapper are uncharged safety nets, and the middle positive grid adopts SUS nickel-plated shock net. Mosquitoes release 3000V voltage in an instant when mosquitoes approach, which can eliminate mosquitoes quickly and fiercely.
  • 【Bend Handle & Wall-Mounted Upgrade Design】Rotate the foldable design 180°clockwise so you can put fly zapper on the table, hang it on the wall, or hold mosquito killer directly in your hand. Folding electric fly swatter racket can save space, easy to store and carry, and is suitable for any occasion. There is a hook design at the end of the folding mosquito zapper handle to prevent children and pets from coming into contact with mosquito zapper.
  • 【Safe for Children and Pets】The folding electric bug zapper racket has a five-layer safety protection layer design and a double switch design to avoid the danger caused by accidental touch and misoperation of the elderly or children. Fly zapper is an escort for safety and application.



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Color: White

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